What’s in a Name?

Rubik’s Cube puzzle is easy to solve when one knows the algorithm. There are 43,252,003,274,489,856,000 different configurations to solve the Rubik’s Cube. A passionate mind taking up this challenge can ‘mine every possibility’ to reach the solution by a perfect blend of logic & intelligence. Once solved, you get six facets solved together making it look like a simple colored cube.

Similarly, Rubique (Rubik + unique) offers a unique way to solve complex financing problems of customers through advanced technology of algorithms, artificial intelligence, analytics etc.

Mining Possibilities

Rubique understands that getting a loan is the first step to realizing a lifelong dream, we assist our customers in getting there by mining all possibilities to provide an all-inclusive solution to their financial requirements.

Built on a proprietary matchmaking algorithm, Rubique's marketplace lending platform offers breakthrough features like - real time processing & online approval by direct integration with financial institutions’ systems reducing the processing time significantly. Data analytics performed on hundreds of data points on Rubique's platform assesses the creditworthiness of customers (loan origination qualification) bringing predictability by giving him eligible offers to choose from. Rubique offers the best of both worlds – marketplace for the customer to get choices(eligible) + an end to end fulfillment support just like any lender.

Founded in Oct 2014, Fintech company Rubique aims to become the most trusted and personalized financial services marketplace for individuals and SMBs.

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