Work hard and have fun

Our company fosters talent and career aspirations, while allowing our young employees to have fun during the daily routine.

360-degree growth in your career

Your results determine your career path at Rubique, and we make sure that our workplace benefits you professionally and financially.

Insurance cover

At Rubique, we are a family and we support one another at all times. All our employees are offered health and personal accident insurance.

Life at Rubique

With a plethora of opportunities and an open office culture, Rubique empowers its employees to take ownership and accountability at work & facilitates effective decision making. We have a dynamic, young and enthusiastic team with an abundance of inspiration lurking in every corner.

We firmly believe in the ‘Joy of Working’ where consistent efforts at work are equally complemented with reasons to celebrate and have fun!.

What our Team says

  • Culture that Rubique has built is nothing less than amazing.

    Pranil Palan, Product Manager

  • Rubique is a place where you get value for your efforts.

    Ancey Thomas, Internal Control

Corporate Social Responsibility

With an overall aim of impacting the society positively, we look forward to initiatives which help inspire and motivate the team to effectively contribute to the society effectively.

Our CSR event at TATA Memorial


"Education is the key, if it is success you wish to see". We thrive on our team comprising of strong educational and academic backgrounds.

Corporate Social Responsibility Activity

Rubique , shared its time with Snehasadan - home for homeless children as a part of our Corporate Social Responsibility.

Rubique believes , one of the greatest gift you can give is TIME to those who have lost more to life than gained.

We gave our team an opportunity to share their skills and knowledge with the special kids and in the bargain made them learn the importance of social responsibility.

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