We are new.

We are better!

We are Rubique 2.0

The perfect matchmakers

As you may know, the last three years have been absolutely amazing. We learnt a lot and we have put all that learning into transforming ourselves to something very unique. In fact, we have decided to give ourselves a new persona and our logo a new avatar.

The new logo design incorporates many new elements representing the core of the brand.

While the arrows depict growth possibility across the ecosystem, each arrow stands for the three key pillars of our organization — CONSUMERS, FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS and BUSINESS ASSOCIATES.

The three sides represent trust, convenience and security that form the very fabric of our brand ethos. Add to that the vibrancy of the colors are in sync with our values.

What's more, we are fully—equipped with our algorithms to find the perfect financial solutions for ecosystems. It's almost like we have taken up a persona of being the perfect matchmakers — Marrying dreams with the right finance solution in the SIMPLEST, SHORTEST and SPEEDIEST way.

Yes, we have become India's first and only financial matchmaking platform.

Glad to have you as a part of our family.

Cheers to a New Beginning!

Team Rubique

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