Processing Time

10 working days

Interest Rate

10.75 % onward

Processing Fees

1.00% - 1.50% + ST

Pre-Payment Fees



1 - 15 years

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Indiabulls Loan Against Property on Rubique
Loan Against Property

Apply Indiabulls Loan Against Property Online @10.75 % onward Interest Rate Onwards

  • Flexible prepayment options
  • Reasonable interest rates
  • Floating and fixed interest rates
  • Age: min 18 Years to max 65 Years at the end of loan tenor
  • Eligible borrower: proprietorship firms, partnership firms, limited companies
  • Eligible property: residential, commercial, industrial property, farm house etc.
  • Loan amount is considered based on type of property, current usage of the property & the market value of the property
  • The property should be fully constructed, clearly demarcated, identifiable & registered
  • Loan amount is also calculated based on last year's EBITDA or weighted average of last 2 years' EBITDA. Firm/company should have been in operation for the last 3 years. Firm/company should be making cash profits for the last two years
  • Credit reference: the applicant should have a sound credit history
  • KYC documents: identity proof, residence proof, age proof, latest photograph, signature verification, proof of contact ability, proof of experience, proof of stability residence
  • Banking statements: latest 6 months' processing fee cheque
  • Property documents: property sale agreement along with entire previous chain of sale agreements; receipt/(s) of initial payment/(s) made to the seller; share certificate, occupancy certificate / approved plan copy
  • Additional documents
  • For salaried: latest 3 months'­ pay slips; form no.16; employment stability proof
  • For self-employed professional: education qualification certificate; business stability proof / ownership proof; last 3 years'­ income tax returns with computation of income; last 3 years' CA certified / audited balance sheet and profit & loss account
  • For self-employed non-professional: education certificate; last 3 years­ income tax returns with computation of income; last 3 years CA certified / audited balance sheet and profit & loss account; business stability proof / ownership proof
  • Processing fees: 1% of loan amount agaisnt residential properties and 1.5% of loan amount against non-residential properties
  • No prepayment/foreclosure fees applicable for individual floating rate loans
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