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zero depreciation

Third party vs comprehensive

Third Party policies cover damages for the third parties during accidents. Comprehensive policies are the ones that cover every claim including the third parties and the policyholder.

zero depreciation

Zero Depreciation

Zero Depreciation Car Insurance will cover for all the metal, fiber and rubber parts of your insured vehicle. This claim will make payments for the body parts replaced during the vehicle's repair.

zero depreciation


No Claim Bonus is a discount that is given by the insurer if the policyholder makes no claim during term and it can be transferred to any new vehicle the policyholder purchases during term.

Frequently Asked Questions


Insurance that is purchased for cars, trucks, motorcycles and commercial road vehicles. The agreement of the motor insurance states that the insurer agrees to provide financial coverage to the insured vehicle in return of an annual premium payable by the policyholder.


The Motor Vehicles Act makes it mandatory for all motor vehicle commuting on the road to be insured with ‘liability only cover’. It ensures that your vehicle is protected from theft or natural calamities and the policyholder has all rights to claim for any damage caused.


NCB or no claim bonus is a discount offered to the policyholder in case of no single claim being made throughout the policy term.


It is a temporary insurance proof issued to a policyholder before the issuance of the original insurance documents. A cover note has a validity of 1 month from the date of issuance until the original document replaces it.


No documentation is required during its purchase. However, it is better to keep the previous insurance policy and RC handy so that all information can be updated correctly in the policy form.

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