Rubique's Paperless Loans means you now have access to completely online approvals and real time tracking so you get the loan you need from the comfort of your home. All details including your documents will be processed online for an instant approval on your loan. Get your loan in your account faster than ever before.

We leverage AI based matchmaking and integrations with lenders to provide instant approval basis the data provided. The use of credit bureau integration, bank statement analysis, online document management and KYC verifications makes for a completely seamless process.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Digitization of Financing in India

The rise in time spent over the Internet on a daily basis by Indians has seen a direct surge in Online Financial transactions too. Adding to this, the Indian Government in 2016, actioned Demonetisation and promoted the Digitization of the Indian Economy, by making it ‘Paperless’ in totality. A ‘Paperless Loan’ is nothing but a by-product of these factors and crucial developments.

How does a ‘Paperless Loan’ Work?

Riding high on the Digital Wave, banks and financial institutions are leveraging technology to invite Digital Loan Applications and even approve them through Digital Processes and Databases, and hence, are completely doing away with all forms of paperwork or traditional documentation. This enables customers to apply for and get loans approved as per their time-pressing needs. Given these advantages, Paperless Loans are a definite positive trend from a long term perspective. Just like in the case of applying for traditional loans, the terms and conditions laid down by the lenders, should be well thought-over by the customers while pursuing Paperless Loans too.

How to Apply for a Paperless Personal Loan in India?

In order to apply for a Paperless Personal Loan, applicants are required to fill up and submit an Online Loan Application Form. Scanned soft copies of mandatory documents including PAN Card, Aadhaar Card, Address Proof, Form 16 or Income Tax Returns and bank statements, also need to go along. This is in line with the procedures of the respective banks or NBFCs, for arriving at the eligibility and credit worthiness in terms of repayment capacity of the borrower towards the ascertained loan amount. All these lead to an extremely convenient loan application process, at the same time, saving on paper and going environment friendly. The CIBIL Score is one aspect which deserves utmost importance for an instantaneous loan sanction. In case there is no existent credit history, a Personal Loan can still be sought without a CIBIL Score. Once the loan amount is approved, it is credited to the borrower’s bank account as fast as within 24 hours from the date of application. As always, it is recommended that customers conduct their due diligence by comparing various options available in the market, before finalizing on the right one.

Applying for a Paperless Credit Card made Instant in India

Even applying to a Credit Card has become equally simple, once the eligibility criteria have been duly met. No need to manually visit the bank branch, rather, remote Credit Card Application is now facilitated online in India. The web portal of the bank is to be first accessed by the customer and the Credit Card Application is filled with elementary details such as name, email ID, contact number, income, address, etc.

This is followed by a call from a Credit Card Representative of the bank, who will walk the customer through the process. Another representative will then pay a visit to the customer’s residence to complete the process of Paperless Credit Card approval.

Given their sustained efforts in the Digital space, banks have reached a significant milestone of being able to deliver a comprehensive Digital User Experience to the customers, so much so that, November 4 th of every year has been earmarked as ‘World Paper Free Day’. What’s more? The data they demand from borrowers is also maintained private and secure in Digital Databases. As per a report on Digital Payments in India, the total market valuation of ‘Fintech’ companies is estimated to be worth $2.4 billion by 2020.